Don’t Hurt US: Marcelo Huertas

No Doubt there are still plenty of Lakers Fans that never want to see Marcelo Huertas step foot on the, “94 x 50 hunk of hardwood” at Staples Center ever again.

There will always be “haters” for team(s) AND individuals.

That being said, Huertas, who has “filled IN” for the injured Jose Calderon, who was “filling-IN” for the injured D’Angelo Russell, has done an admirable job.

All three of these guards for the Lakers suffer in the defensive category for some similar and also some different reasons.  Positioning, foot speed, quickness, size..

But, they ALL do a really nice job with pace and getting their teammates involved.

Marcelo, in the last two games is averaging 24.5 mins, 11 pts, 5 assists, 2 REB, 2.5 Steals, 3.5 TO (only 1 TO in the last game vs PHX) and shooting 57% from the floor.

One of the more glaring issues from last season was that along with Marcelo’s creativity comes some unique passes.  “Issues” would arise when he left his feet for some of these unique passes.  Although there were times when he might “make” a brilliant play, there were more times that those “passes” would be errant and the NBA Defenders would make “Celo” and the Lakers pay.

Huertas has really cut back on this (leaving his feet) which has helped drop his turnovers.

His overall play, sans defensive deficiencies, is pretty efficient.

Love seeing the progression and the maturity in someone that has years of experience internationally.

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