Losing Anthony Brown, Los Angeles Lakers

When it came time to  fill out the back-end of their bench, the Lakers were faced with some difficult decisions.

We can see why especially with the all out inspired play of Thomas Robinson.

By opting to keep both Metta (primarily as a mentor) AND T-Rob, the Lakers not only lose some flexibility (Yi Jianlian, a 3 pt shooting “7-footer”) but some depth at guard/wing.

I love what both T-Rob and Metta bring.  However, with the Lakers absorbing injuries to D’Angelo, Nick Young and Jose Calderon, this has left them really thin at guard.  Coach Walton even started Metta at the “2” in one game.

That would have been Anthony Brown instead had he been on the roster.

I liked Anthony Brown as a Laker. ( draft pick no.34 of NBA 2015 draft).  Byron Scott may have not utilized him in the best possible way to yield both personal and team success. But, in some respects (record number of injuries), the Lakers’situation dictated it.

Brown is a good player.  He fit in well with the group.  He came back this year looking stronger/ bigger.  He looked “dialed in” on his shot.  He did not do anything glaring that would make someone say, “man, he really has not progressed at all..” etc.

This is why it was so difficult.  It was difficult to cut Anthony Brown just like it would have been difficult to cut Robinson and keep Brown.  They both were deserving.

No one could have predicted the Lakers’ injuries, particularly at guard (AGAIN).  In hind-sight perhaps the Lakers opt to keep Brown, knowing what they know now.

Brown was just waived by the Pelicans Friday, December 9th, after being signed by them from the D-League on November 21, 2016.


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